The Girl with the Pint

After my first pint of Guinness
Working away at a PR agency and living in the wonderful city of Toronto, I feel like options are endless for places to grab a pint and people to introduce me to new brews.
I always seemed to be the girl who had a pint at a bar on ladies night when the other girls were drinking mojitios and bellinis (nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong). But I realized that maybe they don't know what beer they like. Or maybe they're sticking to what "girl drinks" are meant to be. Either way, it got me thinking.
One night I googled 'girl beer blogs' to see who was out there sharing my feelings. My search came up with not a lot of results and I was really surprised. Sure, there were blogs out there, but most hadn't been written in years. Or there were some that used all the technical beer jargon that is beyond my expertise. Why couldn't anyone just say, "This beer is good if you don't like the full feeling or anything too bitter."?
So here I am, trying to fill that void in the Google search.
I'm by no means an expert and will not be using all the proper terms or descriptors, so if that is what you're looking for I am not your girl. But if you want to read about beer in simple terms, by a girl who just wants everyone to be able to find a pint they like, then you may have found your spot.
The (self-proclaimed) Lager Lady

P.S. I'm always up for suggestions for venues or new types of beer to try so feel free to share those with me :)

*The views expressed on this blog are my own

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