Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Beers

Well, here I am with all those other New Year's resolution makers. Mine is to begin blogging again (and this one I will make stick).

It is hard to pin down what solidified this resolution. Perhaps a trip to Bier Market over the holidays where I perused through their lengthy list of beers (deciding was the hardest part). Maybe it was the fact that I need some sort of creative outlet back in my life. Or maybe it was the fact that Toronto's Festival of Beer tweeted that they were looking for beer bloggers.

Moving on. While at Bier Market, I was having a really tough time choosing a beer. The menu just goes on and on. So my friend pointed out that they had a beer called Coopers. To most of you, this wouldn't matter. To me, my decision was made. Allow me to introduce you to the Cooper I know:

Me & Cooper

This is my sister's dog, but since I don't have my own, I act like he's mine. So I had to try the beer in his honour.

Coopers is an Australian beer and has been in production for 151 years (that is longer than Canada has been a country) so it must be doing something right. The one that Bier Market has on their menu is the Sparkling Ale. How could any girl resist something that made her think of sequins and puppies? (Note: I'm sure many could, but it was two of my weak spots)

My verdict: maybe not the best beer for winter. It was nice and light and I liked it but not the most memorable beer I've had in my day. But I do think the sparkling aspect takes a bit of the beer 'edge' off, so it is a good option for someone trying to fit in with a bottle of beer in this establishment. I may revisit this in the summer and see how I feel about it then.

Cheers mate,
The Lager Lady

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rolling in the Deep

Adele can take a seat for this one, because I'm referring to my summer beer of choice this week.

I first heard about Rolling Rock from my dad, a man who enjoys beer and knows more about it than I do. So when I was down visiting my parents in Florida (the same visit when I went to beer heaven in the form of an off-license) he offered me a Rolling Rock. Little did I know how it would soon become my pint of choice in Canada.

Rolling Rock is an American beer that prides itself on being small-town. Now I'm not much of a small town girl, but if this is what comes out of small towns, I could be converted. Their small town charm seems to working though because this beer is finding its way into bars and restaurants across Canada and the US (and maybe the world for all I know).

I don't know if it's the name or the green bottle, but this beer tastes like nature's beer to me. I just imagine it coming from a beautiful, clear beer waterfall and they just bottle it straight from the beer stream. I realize this is not realistic or possible (but if this did happen in Rolling Rock's hometown, I'd move there in a heartbeat) but it's the best way for me to describe the taste of Rolling Rock.

It's fresh, crisp and a nice clean taste. Not too strong, it's a great pint for a hot afternoon on a patio if you are looking for that 'ahhhhh'-refreshing moment.

The Lager Lady

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back on the Bandwagon

Well, it appears I fell off the wagon for a few months there. To clarify, that's the blog wagon, not the beer wagon (let's not get crazy here).

Life has been busy the past few months. I had a quick return to Ireland to see some friends, a wedding (not my own but being a maid of honour will keep you busy) and I started a new job in Toronto. But fear not, for I have been doing some 'field research' as some would call it, so I'm hoping to get back in your good books with some good recommendations.

So don't brewed (see what I did there?), the girl with the beer is back.


The Lager Lady